At Pilates Connection in Colorado Springs

We effectively teach the Pilates method equipping clients to work to their ideal for optimal gain in function, flexibility, and strength with results that positively affect their daily lives.

Guided by the Pilates principles each session is delivered with the goal of awakening the mind-body-spirit connection promoting vitality, wellbeing, and overall improvement.

Lisa Miller Pilates in Colorado Springs

Meet Your Pilates Instructor


Lisa Miller is a dedicated Pilates teacher who holds a Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certification. She helps her clients achieve balance and control of the body creating positive body awareness. Her certification and experience include teaching Pilates on the mat and all of the equipment and apparatus.

Prior to establishing her instructor certification in 2008 Lisa spent three years discovering and progressing in her technique as a Pilates practitioner. She offers professional instruction and personal attention to her clients who wish to improve functional strength through trunk stabilization, proper breathing, and increased flexibility. She is experienced in teaching clients who are new to Pilates as well as those who are ready for advanced work.

After a successful career as a registered nurse, Lisa devotes her time to Pilates training and teaching others the Classical Pilates method. She has a B.S. in nursing and has specialized in cardiology for 16 years. An outdoor enthusiast, Lisa enjoys rock climbing and hiking. “My professional and recreational endeavors are enhanced immensely by my Pilates practice as it continually develops my mind, body, and spirit.” Lisa’s enthusiasm and passion have integrated Pilates as a fitness plan as well as a lifestyle.

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Pilates Benefits

Pilates enhances core stabilization and teaches pelvic floor activation. The Pilates exercises work to increase strength, improve balance, flexibility and posture in addition to teaching proper breathing. These combined results provide functional strength and greater body awareness.

Pilates Training

Everyone from the de-conditioned to the athlete can perform Pilates. The exercises are performed on a mat or specialized Pilates equipment called the Reformer and the Cadillac. The movements are gentle to your joints and healing to your body. All movement is initiated from the body’s center. The Powerhouse—abdomen, inner thighs and buttocks—is strengthened as a support, enabling the rest of the body to move freely. The professional instruction of proper movement patterns ensures the safest and most beneficial outcome.

Pilates History

Joseph Pilates developed his system in the early 1900s studying and incorporating Yoga, Zen, and Ancient Greek and Roman athletic regimens. His system began with the mat exercises and later expanded to the apparatus.

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