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Today, begin the journey of transforming your body while connecting to your mind and spirit. Through the precise, flowing movement system Joseph Pilates coined “Contrology,” you can improve your body and celebrate a new found strength and balance. Feel results in as little as 10 sessions.

Over the last two decades, the fitness industry has endured many different philosophies of training and exercise. Changes have emerged. Today, trainers are focusing on movement-based functional training that affects our daily lives. Advances in science have resulted in these new training models that focus on the whole person—body, mind and spirit. However, one man ahead of his time already possessed the secret to holistic exercise. Joseph Pilates created a mind-body movement system over 80 years ago to restore people to health and vitality. According to Pilates, "Movement heals the body."

We need to change how we move our muscles and learn new patterns of movement to correct past damage due to injury or poor postural alignment. Many people today work in confined cubes often glued to their computer screens for hours at a time. It is time to get up and move! It is time for Pilates!

Practicing Pilates will enable you to enjoy freedom of movement. You will leave each session feeling refreshed and energized. You do not have to be in great shape to start the program. Just begin.

Choose to walk in the vitality of your youth. Experience a renewed confidence that will overflow into all areas of your life. Pilates will empower you to live at your highest potential, enjoying a life of health, vitality, and grace.